tree is a communication and media production agency, which deliver innovative multimedia content and communication campaigns with high economic, social and cultural impacts benefitting large communities as much as single businesses.
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Project Management & Communication

TREE is an agency that believes in the power of communication as a tool for designing, producing and promoting social innovation initiatives. In our view, communication isn’t about being loud to grab attention. Communication means speaking consciously and empowering the best parts of ourselves, the parts that strive to pursue individual honesty and truth as the only way to improve our existence.

we create tailor-made solutions for any situation and type of project

we are tailors working B-to-B and B-to-C with C standing for Community

we maximize resources

we design, develop and deliver innovative projects of high social impact, through the creation of communication strategies and products

we are an incubator of ideas, opinions and professionals

our network is extended to many different fields of expertise all over Europe